Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Updated Training Plan!

So wine life got in a the way a bit in my half training program! This weekend we took a trip to the lake with friends & I skipped my long run....and maybe my 5 miler on the Thursday before too. Whoops. Shit happens....what can i say :)

I decided to revise my training program a wee bit - and give myself a shorter run at the start of the week & to restart my long runs at 8 for this weekend. 8 is the last long run I had that I felt good about so want to get there again. So here is the revamp....

So few things about my revised plan....

1) "never miss a Monday"- Ummm yeah. A big "you go!" to all the pollyanna sunshines out there that can bounce out of bed on Monday mornings and get their run in. I just can't run/adult/deal in general on Mondays. So my run week will begin on Tuesdays.

2) "is it fall yet?!??"- I wish I could say running in the humidity has gotten SO much easier but - I would be lying. It sucks. The heat and humidity seem so awful this summer - I am sure it's the same as every other summer but daaaaammmmmnnnn it sucks. My breathing is so heavy, my legs feel like lead and within minutes of starting my run I am covered in sweat. I have been resorting to treadmill runs more than I would like but I've decided to not beat myself up over that and just be happy about the miles I am getting in. Period. Any my apologies to everyone I have bitched to about the weather and how ready I am for the basic bitch season aka hoodies, pumpkin spice lattes & boots.

3) "I will just hit snooze one....more....zzzzzzzzz" - Waking up early to run has been slipping. I tend to always wake up and just feel nauseated and weak. Not sure if it is due to dehydration or grogginess from too much sleep (I am typically in bed by 9:30 during the week and well usually on Friday nights too lol) or what it is. I think it goes back to my whole "not a morning person" thing. That being said - I do prefer running in the morning once I get going. It is more peaceful, less people/traffic and the feeling once I am done is so so SO amazing. I need to just get my ass out of bed and go. Now if only I can remember this at 5:30 am.

4) "Be kind to yourself" - One thing I have realized is how mental the long runs are for me. I need to be better about taking it easy on myself & being ok with walking some on my long runs. My goal is to cross the finish line - I am not going to set a time goal or a "run the whole thing" goal or anything like that. Just finish strong....and try to not cry like a crazy person while doing so.

And with that....I am off to bed so I can get up early and get my run on :)

Friday, July 29, 2016

Still going strong on the half training......

sorta. Last week was amazing from a running perspective - i got my 8 miles in!  Wow that is far! 8 miles...what?? and I didn't die. Or puke.  I was so proud of myself and felt really accomplished. This is the farthest I've run ever and I just felt so very proud, strong & accomplished - YAY ME!

Then we had company in town & drank all the booze and ate all the food. It was a fun weekend and I enjoyed every minute.... but when Monday rolled around I definitely felt like a slug. Oh and haaaeeeyyy humidity! The temps have been awful. The humidity and dew point each morning have been horrible and i've given myself permission to skip my morning run outside and run on the treadmill at night.

I can't shake the feeling that skipping my morning run and getting the miles in on the treadmill, in the AC, with a fan blowing on me is cheating. I do run on a slight incline but still....not the same as running outside. I have people tell me - hey 5 miles is 5 miles! But... I know better.

I also have realized what a mental game running is. I get so freaked out and feel so anxious when I think about my long runs. Holy fuck I have to run 9 miles this weekend? OMG how am I going to do that?!? And damn on Race Day I will still have to run 4 more after that! WTF am I doing?? Why didn't I sign up for the half in April when my long runs would be in much MUCH cooler temps - grrrrr!!!!!

Not sure why i let myself get so anxious and worked up - I am not setting out to accomplish a PR here - I just want to check this off my bucket list.  I am realizing that I am not very kind to myself and my inner girl voice has been a real bitch lately. I constantly remind myself to CFD and just keep running.

But then I remember how I feel when I finish a run - especially a new "farthest run ever!" run - and it makes me smile and makes my heart happy. SO.... today I have decided to skip my run - or maybe just do a short run - and treat myself to new running shoes. I think I am overdue and.... new shoes always make me happy :)

 I will do my 8 miles tomorrow - OUTSIDE - come hell or high water. And... start next week fresh with a renewed focus, a commitment to wake up early and just go.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Planning & Meal Prep

Today was all about planning - i have planned my workouts for this week....

I decided to keep Friday open for an optional rest day as I may be needing it after 4 workouts in a row but - I have had a LOT more energy lately so - will see how I feel on Friday.

Planning out my workouts like this will help me to be more accountable....at least that is the theory :) I am adding weights back in as I really do miss lifting and I know it will help with my running.

Sunday is our meal prep day in our house - it is so much easier & fun now that my husband is joining me on the meal prep. He is all about getting the portions correct & so he is all about the measuring and weighing everything on our digital scale. I tend to eyeball things on the portions.  This week I have my egg muffins for breakfast each morning & baked chicken/lemon quinoa/broccoli for  lunches. I can't stress  how much easier this makes the mornings (and days) flow in regards to getting out the door on time and healthy eats. If I don't plan then my day is very likely to go sideways aka cupcakes, eating out for lunch & a light afternoon snack of starburst/laffy taffy/skittles in the afternoon. Not so good.

Now today I did drink a glass of wine as we meal prepped. I was wondering if this was ironic or zen as I sipped my wine and steamed the broccoli. I decided to go with zen. Cheers.

This is so true. Wine is my go to answer for just about everything these days :) Happiness! Stressed? Irritated! Relaxing. Celebrating! There is a wine for every occasion....

Me being goofy as usual below :)

 Cheers to a successful, low stress, focused, productive week! :) Oh and see calendar above on Thursday...hair is really getting chopped this week!

Friday, July 8, 2016

7 Miles!

life has been crazy busy with work & out of town guests! But very happy & proud to report my half-training is going strong! I even got up last weekend early when we had house-guests and got my 6 mile long run in. And today - I ran 7 miles! This is the furthest distance I have run ever in my life.

I was exhausted but very proud of myself here :)

I had planned to run 5 miles this morning but when I woke up at 5am it was raining and lightening out so decided to go back to bed.  I was very happy I did this as our bed felt amazing and I got another hour or so of sleep :) But then i started working as soon as I woke up and one thing lead to another so - decided I would run 5 on the dreadmill. Ugh.

I really really REALLY do not like running on our treadmill as well, it's boring and I am not really much into watching shows or movies while I run. But decided the treadmill was a better option than the heat and humidity outside... think it was in the 90s with 90%ish humidity. This is awful to run in - so hard to breathe and you just feel like you are running through mud. Ugh!

Anyway - I was feeling great in miles 4 & 5 and decided I would push through and just do my long run today - 7 miles - when all of a sudden at 5 miles, my treadmill shut down. Boooooo. No good.

So I made a split decision to just run the final 2 outside. Not the best decision of the day as it was awful out and I am sure I looked like a crazy woman to anyone that I passed - I was sweating my ass off & cussing like a sailor as my legs were starting to cramp up. Sounds awesome, right?

BUT - I finished & once I got inside & my husband brought me some water and a chilled towel from the fridge....and OK maybe after I laid on the floor panting for like 20 minutes and cursing some more... well I felt amazing. Accomplished. Happy. Proud.

YAY ME!!!!

So now I am in bed again and cannot wait to crash. I know I will sleep soundly tonight. And I don't have to get up early for my long run - whooooo!!!! Only problem is I am starving right now after burning all those calories but.... too tired to get up and snack. Big breakfast tomorrow folks!

Cheers to 7 miles and a big breakfast :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Humidity & Rainbows

I am so happy I have had four days in a row to chill. It has been amazing to just recharge - admittedly i have not done everything I wanted to accomplish but - that's ok. I am trying to enjoy my days off and do what I want to do versus making a to do list and feeling pressured to get that shit done. One of the pros to being childless :) I can be selfish on my days off and make them all about me!

Lots of running going on - I am very proud of myself for pushing through, sticking to my training plan, getting the miles in on hot sticky days & just doing it.  Just started Week 4 which is another 2 four mile funs, 1 five mile run Saturday and an easy three mile run.

Here I am after a 4 miler this past week - note the ice on the knees :)

Can you feel in these next two pics just how hot and humid it is here?? The runs have been brutal and I know it is only going to get worse. 

Must. Get. Up. Earlier.

Cute right? ;)

this was a day i was feeling good - my jeans are starting to feel a lot less "snug" as D-lo would say.
Note the messy guest bedroom - I may have been a wee bit distracted this week by Peaky Blinders mid way through organizing my closet - whoops.

Here is a close up of my new necklace - love it! It is by Lisa Jill Jewelry  - I have had my eye on her necklaces for about a year - my friend Tiffany in Atlanta has a buddha necklace by her that I fell in love with. I finally decided to buy one for myself - love love LOVE! Sometime you just have to treat yo self :)

 Erin and I are doing our long runs together on Saturdays....we ran at about 7am for our 5 miles on Saturday - WOW was it humid. I was worried as Erin runs much faster than me but - we did really great together - only had to stop a couple of times (the heat was really getting to me) and we ran the last mile nonstop and even sprinted the last bit - we are so awesome :)

We ran around our neighborhoods - had to get our photo by the mural behind Venice Cafe - i LOVE this place so much - so funky

This fine lady was a part of the mural as well... cutie bootie!

I was feeling extra glowy Saturday after our run and after I did a mini facial here at the house - I exfoliate once a week with Peter Thomas Roth Peeling Gel (drop everything and buy this product now!!) it is amazing and makes my face feel smooth and glowy! 
I get mine at sephora and really wish they sold it by the gallon - I use it on my feet, elbows - basically anywhere you want smoother skin - love it!!

We joined the dog park again so the pups can run - we've been twice since we got the code and they are loving it :) Charlie especially loves running free & Bebe reverts to being a puppy once we are there - she wants to play fetch endlessly with all the tennis balls.

 My fitbit was WAY in the green after Saturday.... I wish every day looked like this!!

My emotions have been really high the past few days - as many people's have been. The shooting in Orlando is heartbreaking and makes me question faith in humanity and our future. I just can't wrap my head around all the hate. It's something I have never understood - why being gay infuriates so many people. I was planning on running the Pride 5K this year anyway in St Louis but - signed up immediately on Sunday morning when I heard the news - I will do whatever I can to support my friends & family that are in the LGBTQ community - always! My heart goes out to those affected and  their families & friends. 

 I got my Pride Race tee to sport that day from a local business - Arch Apparel - lots of cute Pride shirts and STL shirts - I may have bought a couple :)

 Yesterday we had some storms in the afternoon and then sunshine - I went outside and thought I had missed the rainbow but - it came back as we were standing outside with our neighbors watching the sky - I snapped this pic as the sky was just gorgeous and it made me feel like there is love and healing on the horizon. Sappy but - I have to look at it that way otherwise - hate wins. And we can't have that.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Training on the Road

Back from my business trip to Indy - i was so proud of myself for sticking to my training even while out of town on business. Very easy for me to justify or explain away why I can't make training a priority and push it off for another day - not this trip :)

I made myself get up, head down to the hotel gym and put in my 4 miles - it was tough but got the miles in - go me! I was trying to compromise with myself the entire time - from the thought of staying in bed to get an extra 45 minutes of sleep to only running 3 miles once i started. Sometimes you just have to force yourself and put one foot in front of the other.

The meeting I was in Indy for was one that I helped to plan and coordinate so - i am happy to report it went well. And I am so happy it is over! Now I can relax a bit - in fact I am taking staycation days Monday and Tuesday of next week to get some downtime in to chill and unwind. So excited to have 2 whole days of no plans!

I may have rewarded myself with a dirty martini once I got home ;)

yesterday was my husband's birthday so - we went to a vertical stout tasting at a local brewery - Abraxas Stout from Perennial - 2015 was my favorite and I let my hubs drink my '13 and '14. These are 10% ABV so can sneak up on you quick - i just stuck to my half pour ;)

We decided to grab dinner near the house for the hub's birthday dinner - we went to Mission Taco, a local cantina in our neighborhood - here is Chad's fancy pants drink he ordered :)

 It was a fun night and we were home and in bed by 9 - birthday celebrations get tamer and tamer as the years go by ;)

Today is another 4 mile run day - the temps are getting super hot and humid AND our AC decided to stop working upstairs last night :( so.... I may be heading to the gym to get my miles in this afternoon or just roughing it in the heat - lots of water for me today!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ice is my new BFF

Got all my runs in this week - even with my husband's birthday party this weekend - yay me! I just switched around my long run day and did it on Friday versus Saturday. Four miles was not too bad....although the humidity is starting to kick in. I really need to start getting my runs in early before work versus the afternoon... summers in St Louis are no joke! And yes I am officially ready for fall already :)

My favorite way to cool down after a run - a burt's bees grapefruit facial towelette straight from the refrigerator! So refreshing :)  The things that go through my mind when I run usually involve cold things - my post run towelette from the fridge, a dip in a cold pool (i wish we had one!), or icing down whatever muscle is aching or acting up. This was me Friday after my 4 miles - sweaty!

 And there has been a lot more icing of the knees too - but, this has really helped and I am not having much stiffness/pain at all - it has really helped. And I think my body is getting back into the swing of running more consistently. Now I do icing as more of a precaution - aaaannd it feels nice :)

and more icing :)

My nutrition has been sketchy with Chad's party and I have a work trip this week - it is always a challenge for me to balance work stress and healthy eating. Add work travel on top of that and well...bad choices ensue. I will try an be healthy this week but - not going to beat myself up over a few extra glasses of wine or a fat steak dinner. I told Chad we would get back into our meal planning once I am home later this week and.... thankfully it is a short trip this week.

 I did make some healthy sides for the party Saturday - some homemade salsa.... love this stuff! So good - I can never find pre-made store salsa that I like as most of it contains sugar. I hate sweet salsa - blech! This is just fresh tomatoes, red onion, jalapeƱos, garlic, cilantro, lime juice & salt - perfect!

Also made some pineapple chow - pineapple, habanero, garlic, cilantro & salt - very spicy and pairs well with pork or any other BBQ protein. Also some fresh watermelon - every watermelon we have bought this year has been so sweet & delicious.

 Now I am off to throw some things into a suitcase and head out for work - this training week will be 2 four miles runs, 1 five mile run on Saturday and 1 easy 3 mile run. My plan is to run tomorrow morning at the hotel on the treadmill or near the hotel - wish me luck with that!  Bringing a baggie with me so I can ice down after my run!

Cheers and hope everyone has a great week :)